Budgeting College the Smart way!

Hey there Cupcake!

I am going to college soon and was making a list of what to pack, what Not to pack etc (posts coming soon). My thoughts soon drifted and I reached the point where I was attending my sixth daughter’s son’s wedding. Never mind that. Back to college thoughts, I want to save more and spend wise (which I’ll never be able to do, but still)
In India, College student deals so not that many and for each and every product, tags along the horror… Tax.

In these situations, College Id Card is the magic pass to save when you’re running on low budget. All you need to do is flash your Id and number of concessions on products and services are laid out for you. So, Lets go Shopping Cupcake, in Saving mode.

Piggy Bank.
– AirIndia, Jet airways, Spice jet provide great student discounts on travelling up to 50%. Some even allow extra weight without any charges. Girls, pack em’ heels. Happy travelling!

Apple Store – Apple lovers, this is for you.Every apple stores provide products nearly 30% or more discount on its products for students. All you have to do is check out the nearest apple store for more info about the current student discounts.

Discount Cards – with International Student Identity Card (ISIC) you can earn on airline fares, hostels, restaurants, cafes, magazines and gaming.. In Bangalore, the Bangalore Student Card which is issued by CampusTable helps you to get discounts on many clothing brands. Delhi University gives out discount cards for eateries, bookstores, apparel stores and even gyms and beauty parlours for a cheap milkshake, book or facial. These cards offer discounts from 20% to 50%. Most are valid for three years.

Online Shopping – Amazon and Flip cart gives a huge discount for students on books, stationary and all the dorm room stuff. Sooo Why wait, Just Flip it 😉

Amusement Park – Water Kingdom in Mumbai provides 50% off for all students. Bangalore’s Wonderla slashes the rate by 25% on your college ID card and Jurasik Park near Delhi has rates between Rs300 to Rs500 for students.

If you have any further additions or any questions, feel free comment below. 🙂

Happy saving n’ College-ing!!



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