Running all out.

NOPE! before you think further, I’m not doing any weight loss program. Even if I wish I’d do.. the Oreo cookies and cream icecream reminds me its not worth the sacrifices. *takes another bite Omnomnom* Thinking about it, I gained a few pounds in fact. Hashtag-KawaiiPotato. :3
I have joined this sewing course. It is barely three hours but by the time you’re done with a piece, it feels like eternity. Who knew making all those dresses would be so much much more than what we actually golly see. Learning so much had persuaded me to focus on every songle details of my own dresses as a matter. Now, I don’t just merely go to a mall shopping but pick up a piece of clothing, my mind swirls back to an image of a woman in a tiny corner stitching that piece with the night lamp on. That does not happen, really. Does it? Anyway, coming to know the difficulty and detailing has changed my view about every bit judgements I used to snobbishly make during past. It has quite changed my perspective on not just clothes but thr people who’ve mad them. My heart goes out to y’all people sewing. Since  I was 12, I had got a picture in my head of a dress maker sitting beside a window, sewing. She had powers to change, create and beautify the world and she was so perfect at it. I have always wanted to be her. Living my dream wasn’t easy but what in world is? The true joy is experienced when one struggles and fight for the things they love. It cannot be put into words.  Hey and guess what? I got the corner spot in my sewing class, beside a window!
Anyways, I love running the machines..controlling the speed (which I never can), poking those colourful threads into needles, changing the bright fabrics, so much jointing and ever so much of removing the threads. I am ever so blessed to get a wonderful tutor who has the magic to brighten anyone’s day.

Ps. I’ll be posting all my work form day 1.
Till then takecare cupcakes.

xoxo Nami


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