Savage Beauty

Dear Cupcakes!

In my quest of searching extraordinary, I stumbled upon an absolute artist with his own magical tales Alexander McQueen. He shook my world and took me to another level of creation. His collections bring me down to tears of joy and makes me crave more. I found perfection even in his imperfections and all his flaws were so legendary.
As a Fashion student, I hope I be as sensational as he was.



I have been looking forward to the Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the V&A for close to a year now, and I finally got to experience the hype first hand this weekend. I went on opening day, which obviously was very exciting, but also very very crowded. The pushing and shoving and neck-craning did get a little annoying at times but in a way it added to the electrifying sense of sheer intoxication which the V&A managed to convey so well.

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